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Fees        My consultations include a home or business space clearing, dowsing for toxic areas, and a detailed report outlining up to three areas that would require adjustment or  cures. 
Fee: Office $150.00
Fee: Home $225.00 
Blessings for home or business available upon request for an additional $65.00. 

"After you left I received a check in the mail, for the 1st time in 5 years from a family mining investment! Thank you Patricia"                                                                                               Pete W
 "Patricia, Thank You for helping me with the issues in my office. Things are much better now.                               Becky L

  "Oh my gosh!! Business just soared after you did the clearing and gave us the Feng Shui consultation!"                  Sharon  L    

  "Dear Patricia, I made the changes that you told me to​ do and did the Three Secret Reinforcement on each one. A few days after that a very unexpected check arrived  in the mail.Thank you so much Patricia"                                                         Lily S          
Certified Feng Shui Pracitioner
Certified Feng Shui Stager
(859) - 953-0309
Available to travel for Consultations  

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